Malaga city and its roofs – how to slow down on Costa del Sol

Dear Reader! Welcome in one of the most crowded and craziest city in Andalusia, with the biggest in the region airport and tourist season lasting almost whole year. From summer holidays, through Christmas and carnival, to Easter and spring, you will find here plenty of attractions, celebrations, crazy night life, best restaurants and… streets full of tourists from all over the World.

This is Malaga!

Is it worth to stop there if you are a Slow Traveller? Let me show you my experience.

Malaga costa del sol what to do

When you plan to visit Andalusia, it’s very probable that your first stop will be Malaga. Due to the biggest airport in the region, it’s a gate for most of the tourists.

It was my case few times when I was visiting Costa de la Luz (Andalusian shore facing the Atlantic), but I never considered to stay there overnight.

I knew that city is full of unique attractions like:

  • Alcazaba – arab palatial fortification, with rough walls from the outside, but inside a beautiful palace, be sure to go inside!
  • Atarazanas Market – you will find there plenty of amazing things to eat, me as vegetarian I suggest you cheese and spinach croquetas and obligatory a glass of vermouth, but remember we are by the sea – fishes and sea food are outstanding there + don’t forget about olives!
  • Malaga Cathedral – never finished Roman Catholic church without one tower,
  • Roman Theater – recently discovered,
  • Picasso Museum – this great artist was born in Malaga,
  • Carmen Thyssen Museum,
  • Bodega el Pimpi – most famous and charming bodega in town, read what to drink in Andalusia in my other post,
  • Malaga ice cream– original one served with sherry wine (Moscatel or Pedro Ximénez),

narrow streets, great restaurants, night life, clubs and parties, but also full of tourists.

This year I decided to spend one night in Malaga to find out by myself whether the Guiris (colloquial Spanish word used in Spain to name foreign tourists) destroyed already the city’s spirit, or maybe it still has something from its old character.

Malaga costa del sol what to do

Malaga costa del sol what to do

Malaga costa del sol what to do

I was truly surprised because last thing you can say about Malaga is that is soulless. But the truth is that is full of tourists and it can be annoying.

I have this luck that my boyfriend is from Andalusia, so I feel very authentic with him everywhere and he helps me distinguish valuable things from those prepared only for tourists.

But if you are not travelling with a Spaniard, pay attention and focus on this few strong advantages of Malaga:

  • rich history dating back to Phoenician times (but still the oldest Phoenician city in Andalusia is Cadiz),
  • arabic legacy (but nobody has doubts that the real pearl of the Arab legacy in Andalusia is Granada),
  • birthplace of such icons as Picasso or Antonio Banderas (this nobody denies),
  • museums,
  • crazy night life (depends if this is what you are looking for),
  • Malaga is trendy 😉
  • opportunity to meet tourists from all ovet the World – from Germany to New Zeland 😉

If this is what you are looking for and you want to visit Malaga, I have one great tip for you, which will be very useful especially when you will try to slow down and escape for a moment from the city noise:

Malaga has amazing “roof life”! Best thing you can do coming here is booking a hotel with a swimming pool on the roof. Choose the small one, so you will not have to share it with too many other guests!

Don’t forget as well to go on the roof party and visit restaurants located on the roof. Spectacular views guaranteed! Find below my two recommendations:

Hotel – Exe Málaga Museos ⭐⭐⭐
I didn’t want to go out from this hotel! Amazing roof with amazing swimming pool. I sincerely recommend it! If you want to escape from rush city, just go to the Atarazanas Market (located few minutes walking from the hotel), buy some great tapas, bring it to the roof (officially forbidden, but common…) and rest in your hotel.

Roof party – terrace of the Hotel AC Malaga Palacio ⭐⭐⭐
Great party with great djs and live music. You pay 8 euro for the entrance, but then you receive a voucher for a 8 euro drink.

Thank you Arabs for the architecture with flat roofs! ❤

Malaga costa del sol what to do

Malaga costa del sol what to do

Malaga costa del sol what to do

Malaga costa del sol what to do

Malaga costa del sol what to do

Malaga costa del sol what to do

Malaga costa del sol what to do

Malaga costa del sol what to do

Malaga costa del sol what to do

Malaga costa del sol what to do

Malaga is a great destination for a crazy weekend with friends, during which you can taste amazing night life mixed with best andalusian cuisine and international spirit.

If you have time and power for sightseeing, the cultural offer of the city is waiting for you with open arms. Ask in your hotel for free walinkg tours. We did it and it was great! I truly recommend.  If your time is limited and you are looking for more “Slow Travel” adventure, save it for Granada or Cordoba, mountains and their “pueblos blancos”, Costa de la Luz (don’t stay on Costa del Sol!), Caminito del Rey and whole Cadiz province.



Time: July 2018
Type: Accomodation, Activity
Web: Exe Malaga Museos Hotel


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