About me

I’m from Poland, currently based between Warsaw and Switzerland. I love to travel, do sport, take photos and eat. Simple 🙂 Therefore my page will be full of unique travel memories, good food, challenging activities and of course beautiful pictures.

All showed in the Slow Travels way.

I try to travel as often as possible, near and far, I just like being on the move. If I’m not traveling, I train intensively and work in Warsaw. I’m lucky to share my travels with my boyfriend.

Discovering each other through discovering the World together became the sense, the goal and the road of our life ❤

Slow Travels

Unique content about Slow Travels – inspirations, examples, advices

Nowadays you can find in the internet plenty of information on how to organize a step-by-step travel to any place in the World. Others like to simply describe their trips day-by-day. I don’t want to follow this trend.

It takes a lot of time, but I love to search, plan and then put in practice my ideas. Among my friends I’m known as a person who loves to organize trips and guide people. I do everything according to the rules of Slow Travels. That’s why I decided to write this blog. I want to show you how to travel slowly.

You will find here descriptions of unique places to visit, hotels worth stopping in, original things to do and restaurants worth spending hours there. Add them to your journey and feel what does it mean Slow Travel.

Slow Travels

Slow Travel

Treat my website as an inspiration or use it more literally. It’s up to you.

For example, when you are planning a travel to one place, check if the city, region or country of your destination is on my list. If yes, great, you are really lucky! You can add to your plan some unique hotel, visit to the restaurant or activity, which will change your trip for unforgettable adventure. Use them as jigsaw pieces, ready-made solutions and create your dream journey.

Last but not least, I want my site to be helpful. So if you have some questions regarding my travel experiences, use the contact form and write me:

To check my preferred geographical areas, visit the section Destinations.

To read more what does it mean Slow Travels, visit the section What is Slow Travel.


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