Look at the picture of the Earth taken from a distance. Do you see any borders?

I go everywhere where my legs lead me. And I can’t imagine to live without travelling. That’s why you can expect here many different destinations. Three of them have special place in my heart ❤ and will appear in my posts more often:

  • I’m from Poland and I love my country. My homeland is a beautiful place with a great offer for tourists searching for slow travelling.
  • I spent my University time in Prague, Czech Republic and I have this privilege to know the city pretty well from the perspective of a visitor, who was living there. It gives me a big advantage to speak about it for other tourists like you.
  • I left my heart in Spain, or more precisely I share my life with a Spaniard. That’s why Spain will appear here more than often and I will squeeze for you the best information directly from my spanish connections 😉 and my personal experience.

Rest of the World is on my list and at least once a year I’m trying to travel somewhere far, to unknow places and cultures. I love this feeling of newness.

All described on this page places are marked on the Google Map below: