What is Slow Travel

Dear reader, welcome to my page about Slow Travels. Choose the destination from the header menu, enjoy the reading and get inspired to act! If you are here for the first time, read my text below to learn what are Slow Travels and how this idea was born. Enjoy!

Since I remember, I love traveling. Classic hobby – someone would say.

When I was planning my travels, I never thought about categorizing them. Whether they fit into some trend, are unique or something makes them stand out. On the other hand I always felt that I do something different. It made me start thinking about the way I travel.

I realized that what I do is convergent with the idea of “slow food”, which in contrary to “fast food” means choosing carefully what we eat and enjoying the dishes without haste, choosing unprocessed products, appreciating tradition and protecting local production.

So I thought to call itslow travel– way of travelling built on four basic components:

  • choosing carefully,
  • enjoying travelling without haste,
  • appreciating tradition,
  • protecting.

What is slow travel

Choosing carefully

Slow travelling may not be good for everybody. But it’s good to have a choice.

It takes a lot of time to search, plan and try to avoid trash during the travels. You have to open yourself for knowing different people, cultures, languages and ways of life. Curiosity plays a key role here.

If you don’t have time for deep search, it doesn’t mean you can’t travel slow 🙂 First, you have my website with ready-to-take solutions. Second, spontaneous decisions can easily fit to the idea of slow travel, unless you choose quantity over quality.

But the most important in slow travelling is choosing experiences over sights. You want to feel it, not just to mark the place as visited.

What is Slow Travel

Enjoying travelling without haste

In my life I appreciate simple solutions. I believe that less is more. It has a strong impact on my travels, becoming the basis of what I called slow travelling.

It doesn’t matter if you are travelling for a weekend or for a month. Slow travelling doesn’t determine the length of your journey. It’s just about your attitude. If you plan a city break in Paris and in 48 hours you want to take as much selfies with famous buildings, places and sights as possible – wow, that can be a funny challenge, but it will not allow you to understand what you have seen.

I suggest you to slow down. Do you know the stories of people who came back from holidays exhausted? Believe me, doing less, in fact you will do more.

What is slow travel

Appreciating tradition

During my travels I love to sleep in original places, which are not classic hotels, eat local cuisine and do things which brings me closer to the traditions of the visiting place.

I want to immerse myself in the place I visit by observing daily life, speaking with locals and trying to live as they do. I don’t expect anything. I don’t search only for beautiful places. I want to know the World as it is, without filters and selections. I want to perceive things as they are and not judge things which are different.

This is also what I call slow travel.


Be responsible. Think how your behaviour and appearance can impact the place you are visiting and people who are living there. Protect the environment, we have one World to share.

What is slow travel

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