San Clemente – chill, charm and calm

California has plenty of things to offer.

You will find there world’s best-known metropolises, such as fancy Los Angeles or glamorous San Francisco, most popular American national parks, like Death Valley or Yosemite, world class Universities as Stanford and Berkeley, headquarters of Facebook, Google and Apple, famous Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Golden Gate Bridge, Disneyland… huh, the list is long! You can find in the internet plenty of information about mentioned above places and I’m sure you will love them. Add to that 284 sunny days per year and now you know why Cali is called the Golden State. Amazing! 🙂

But as the aim of this blog is show you something out of the box, today I take you for a trip to San Clemente, my great discover during visit in California!

California San Clemente Surfing

California San Clemente Surfing

San Clemente is a cozy city located midway between Los Angeles and San Diego, known between the locals for its ocean views, a pleasant climate and Spanish Colonial architecture style.

We discovered this city by chance, having no idea where exactly we are going. We just wanted to stay last days of our American trip in calm place, south from rush LA. Not too far from the airport, but enough distant. We opened Google Maps and spontaneously chose San Clemente. We found an affordable hotel right on the beach and we decided to take a chance.

San Clemente stole our hearts ❤ ❤ ❤

We loved this mix of American lifestyle and Latin temper, which you feel there on every corner. What’s more, upon arrival we realized that the city is a mecca for surfers.

It’s major surfing destination in California and surfing media capital of the World. It is home to Surfing Magazine, The Surfer’s Journal, Longboard Magazine and others. It’s worth mentioning, that surfing traveled from Hawaii to the stretching coast of Golden State over 100 years ago. And the main reason why it developed so good in Southern California are the waves. San Clemente perfectly reflects this.

California San Clemente Surfing

California San Clemente Surfing

California San Clemente Surfing

California San Clemente Surfing

California San Clemente Surfing

California San Clemente Surfing

California San Clemente Surfing

Absolutely recommended to stop there to admire surfing lifestyle, try best Mexican food (yes yes!) and rest on the beach. Just chill!

If it convinces you, find below the list of tips how to organise perfect stay in cute San Clemente. Enjoy!

  • Accommodation: we stayed in Sea Horse Resort. Rooms are nothing special, but I recommend it mostly thanks to its location and ocean view. In San Clemente nothing can be more important than this.
  • Recreation: in addition to surfing (of course!) just rest, make a walk or run on the beach. You will love this mesmerizing view of the ocean.
  • Food: in San Clemente is located the best Mexican restaurant I have ever been to. It’s not a joke. Outstanding food, atmosphere and crew. I’m ready to take a plane from Europe to LA just to visit this place again. Being in San Clemente you can’t miss it! 😍 😍 😍
  • Coffee: I found in San Clemente best coffee in whole California. I truly recommend Bear Coast Coffee, because they are using  La Marzocco Italian coffee machine, which I know from my favorite breakfast place in Prague. If you see anywhere on the world this Italian coffee machine, it’s a guarantee that the coffee will be good there. Yummy!
  • People: be open to citizens, they are very friendly and happy to talk with you!



Time: April 2018
Type: Activity, Accommodation, Breakfast, Restaurant


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