250 euro from Europe to Los Angeles – tips how to buy cheap flight tickets

This is possible.

You can spend really small amount of money, travel with good airlines and make your dreams come true to fly far away, even to another continent. You just have to find good source of information, follow some rules and be elastic. If you want to know how to search for cheap flight tickets, this article is for you.

How to buy cheap flight tickets
1. Use good source of information

I will share with you the best website for searching flight deals. In last 2 years I used it already 3 times for intercontinental flights (Prague-Addis Ababa, Helsinki-Beijing, Stockholm-Los Angeles) and I find it very useful. My recent purchase was a flight from Stockholm via Munich to Los Angeles, with Lufthansa airlines, Airbus a380, 8 kg hand luggage for 250 euro. That’s awesome, no? 🙂


The offers are segregated there by the continents. In default view you have a list of flight deals which you can check one by one. Last Minute, Xmas and New Year offers are distinguished from the rest. You can also browse them by departure and destination point.

This website is half the battle. Now you have to learn some simple tactics how to use it.

2. Be elastic

You have to be elastic on at least one element of your travel: destination, price or date.

I’m interested to visit all the World, so for me the most important is price. With dates you have to be elastic anyway, because most of offers are not for the best traveling seasons or they are not covering “weekend to weekend” travel. However it also happens 🙂

3. Decide in advance on your price limit

I have a rule, that if the price ticket is less than 300 euro, destination is on my list and company is a good one, I take this tickets even the flight is long and the stay is short (like to Los Angeles – 11 hours flight and 12 days of stay there). With such cheap ticket, in my opinion it’s worth to do it.

If you have to pay more than 300 euros, it’s better to add more budget and plan more convenient trip.

How to buy cheap flight tickets

How to buy cheap flight tickets

How to buy cheap flight tickets

how to buy cheap flight tickets7

4. Choose your favorite companies

My another rule is to fly only with really good companies, which provide really good service (like Turkish Airlines, Emirates or Lufthansa and other European national carriers, but not all). It’s very important on long, international flights, especially when you are flying for short period of time. It’s up to you, but it raises your chances to enjoy more your holidays and for me staying on board is also part of the trip.

5. Be patient

If you have one dream direction, visit this website regularly and be patient. Sooner or later you will find something for yourself.

6. Be fast

This is very important tip – you have to buy your ticket very fast!

Once I wanted to catch a deal to Canada and another time to Costa Rica (both around 250 euro). Unfortunately I was waiting too long, and after some minutes the offer was not valid anymore.

In this case the “price limit rule” is very helpful. When you see something interesting and cheap (for me less than 300 euro), it’s your dream destination and offer comes from good company – don’t think about the dates too much. Don’t think if you need visa, what you will do there and where you will sleep. Just buy it! For all the rest you will take care after you caught the ticket.

7. Be determined

Don’t be scared to make your dreams come true, but first be aware what you want and then simply follow it. Remember that fulfilling dreams also means some sacrifices. Don’t expect that the offer will be a godsend. Good luck!

Decide. Act. Enjoy! 🙂


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