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Gdańsk Shipyard – Europe starts here

You can't miss Gdansk, when you are visiting Poland, you can't miss the Shipyard, when you are visiting Gdansk!!! Not politicians, not military, not intellectuals or artists, but ordinary workers from the Gdansk shipyard in the 70s of the XX century began a courageous fight for my and your freedom. Big history happened here and it's not important place … Continue reading Gdańsk Shipyard – Europe starts here

best places to eat in Prague

Slow Food in Prague

Slow Food is inseparable element of My Slow Travels. I'm huge breakfast lover, but in general discovering new places through the cuisine is one of my favorite ways for slow travelling. After "Slow Weekend in Prague" Guide with my original suggestions for sightseeing, there is time for food 🙂  This is not a culinary blog. Instead of … Continue reading Slow Food in Prague